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Fundraising campaign for neonatal research at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

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Sant Joan de Déu

With just €1 you will be collaborating in social projects at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu aimed at research into nutrients, optimum growth rates and indicators for improving nutrition during the first weeks of life of very premature babies.

Very premature babies are those born before week 32, i.e. after about 7 months of gestation, or weighing less than one and a half kilos. Such babies may have lung, retina or nervous system complications and are likely to suffer during childhood. To prevent such problems, it is essential for them to be well nourished during the first few weeks of their lives. This research aims to help set up a system that can detect whether a baby really is well fed and ultimately allow them to lead a normal life.

Interesting facts

  • Every year, 15 million preterm babies are born around the world.
  • In Spain, 31,000 preterm babies are born every year, which translates to 1 in 13.
  • 75% of babies that die at hospitals pertaining to the Sant Joan de Déu group are extremely preterm.
  • At the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), 700 newborn babies are admitted every year, i.e. 2 a day.

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Social Projects

Sant Joan de Déu Social Projects

Sant Joan de Déu Maternity and Child Hospital is part of a private healthcare group that encompasses 40,000 professional people in over 50 countries. Its research, especially regarding paediatric diseases, makes it a benchmark children's hospital in both Spain and Europe.

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