Vueling flights from El Prat (Barcelona) to connect with British Airways´ broad network

Vueling and British Airways have signed an interline agreement whereby all passengers that land in Barcelona with the English carrier will be able to connect directly to the 74 destinations offered by Vueling from its hub in El Prat.

Vueling has established the airport of Barcelona among the best connected with short haul in Europe, imperative situation to make an airport attract all kinds of airlines to its facilities.

Barcelona, July 9th 2012. –Vueling, the new generation airline, has signed an agreement with British Airways by which, and through travel agencies (interline), all passengers flying with British Airways to Barcelona will be able to connect to any of the 74 destinations that Vueling operates from its hub at the Catalan airport.

With this agreement, Vueling consolidates its goal to convert El Part in its connections hub and reinforces this line of business as one of the strategic developments of the company. El Prat has consolidated itself in 2011 as the airport in Europe with the highest growth, 17.8% more than the previous year. Vueling, leader at El Prat, was directly responsible for part of this important growth, focusing not only on programming new destinations but in having a wide range of daily frequencies on business routes and accomplishing, then, to offer a Premium product at competitive prices.

In 2011, Vueling transported 972,000 connecting passengers, six times more than in 2010, the year that the company started linking Vueling to Vueling flights at El Prat. Of this total, more than 700,000 were passengers connecting at El Prat, both for Vueling-Vueling as well as Vueling-Iberia.  For this year the goal is to reach one million connecting passengers only at El Prat.

New agreements with other airlines

In July 2010, Vueling launches Vueling-to-Vueling connections through El Prat. In just six months the airline carries 170,000 passengers, but most importantly without affecting its controlled cost structure.

Since then, connections have become a strategic line inside Vueling´s business since it adds a volume of new passengers. In a year and a half, and through its operations in Madrid and Barcelona, Vueling demonstrates that is able to develop new alliances with other airlines and become their flight feeder or open its wide range of options from El Prat.

This 2012, and after agreements with Iberia and now with British Airways, Vueling expects to sign between 2 to 4 new agreements with other airlines. These alliances consolidate one of Vueling´s goals for this period: it´s growth and international expansion that bring traffic and new capacity to the company.