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Does paying by credit/debit card incur additional fees?

It depends on the type of card:

If you pay with a consumer card (private credit or debit card) issued in Spain, there is no extra charge.

If you pay with a corporate card (company credit/debit card) issued in Spain, an additional fee will be applied.

An additional fee will also be applied to payments made with any card issued outside of Spain.


Is it possible to buy a Vueling ticket from somewhere other than the website?

Yes, you have various options for booking your flights apart from

  • you can access Vueling's mobile phone portal and purchase your flight in the same way as if you purchased it through the website.
  • Apps for iPhone and Android: just by downloading the app to your phone, you can book your tickets quickly at any time.
  • Customer Services: through Customer Services call line, we can book your flight for you, at a small extra charge.
  • Airport sales desk: if you prefer to visit the airport to buy your ticket, you can! At our sales desk, you can buy your ticket at a small extra charge.
  • Travel agencies: If you don't have Internet or a mobile phone with Internet connection, don't worry! You can also buy your Vueling tickets at your usual travel agency.


Are the purchases safe?

Of course! Our purchase system complies with the established security regulations. What's more, is guaranteed by VeriSign, the world's leading Internet Security Certification company and which offers the following advantages:

  • Experience: VeriSign has guaranteed over 765,000 websites.
  • The best trustmark: the VeriSign brand (represented by Secure Site Seal, a safe-site guarantee) ensures full confidence in the website and a 100% secure purchase.
  • Peace of mind: Secure Site and Commerce Site services include up to $250.000 NetSure® protection guarantee against financial loss due to theft, copying, corruption or loss of an ID (user name).
  • Standards: VeriSign is the only certificate of authority that is subjected to an annual audit by the KPMG in order to certify its safe practices (SAS 70 audit, Type II).


Can I make the booking if I don't yet have the details of all passengers?

If you wish to make the booking but don't yet have the details of all the people who are going to fly, you can use the Pending Passenger service, which allows you to fill out the details of all passengers at a later stage, before the specified deadline.

It is essential to fill out the information of all passengers before the specified deadline because, after that time, neither the booking nor the services taken out will be upheld for those travellers who have not been identified, and the amount of the booking will not be refunded.


Do I have to collect my ticket from somewhere before I fly?

It's not necessary! At Vueling, we only use electronic tickets, so once you've completed your booking, you receive an email containing confirmation of your flight, and that is your ticket.

On the day of your flight, remember to bring all necessary personal documentation. To that end, we recommend that you find out exactly what documentation is required for your journey depending on your nationality, flight origin and/or destination.


What is Click&Fly?

If you book the Optima or Excellence Fares, check-in will be instant. Once you've completed your booking, you'll receive an email containing confirmation of your purchase and then another email containing your boarding passes.

This service is available for most Vueling airports (if it's not available at your airport, you must go to the check-in desk on the day of your flight to get your boarding card). In the case of connecting flights, you will also receive an email with your boarding passes, providing the airports of origin and stop-over allow this.


Can I get my boarding pass on my mobile phone?

Yes, as long as you do online check-in for mobile phones. That way you avoid printing documents, save time and avoid queuing at the check-in desk.

These are the cities where you can board by checking in online via your mobile phone: A Coruña, Amsterdam, Alicante, Almeria, Asturias (Oviedo), Barcelona, Bilbao, Brussels, Burdeaux, Dusseldorf, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Granada, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Lyon, London (Heathrow), Madrid, Malaga, Malta, Majorca, Marseilles, Menorca, Milan, Pamplona, Paris (Orly), Rome, San Sebastian, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Stockholm, Sttutgart, Tenerife North, Tenerife South, Valladolid, Venice, Luxembourg, Nice, Cardiff, Frankfurt, Dortmund, Munich, Prague, Toulouse, Berlin, Lille, London (Gatwick), Hamburg, Palermo, Turin, Bologna, Vienna, Naples, Catania, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Oporto, Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, La Palma, Jerez, Hannover, Florence, Nantes and Vigo.

When you check in online for your flight, tick the SMS box and enter your mobile phone number (you'll need a mobile phone with Internet connection). You'll receive an SMS containing the information on your booking, as well as a link through which you can get access to your boarding card. This card contains a 2D code which you must show at the security check and at the boarding gate.

If your mobile phone has a problem or the battery runs down, go to the check-in desk at least 40 minutes before departure to get a copy of your boarding card.


How can I take out insurance?

While you're buying your ticket, you have the option to take out multiple reason cancellation insurance and medical insurance. You can also add insurance for your cases or your special luggage.

And if you've forgotten to take out insurance during the purchase process, don't worry! You can take it out afterwards in the section “Choose your insurance”.

Please note that you cannot take out insurance for bookings that include flights operated by British Airways.


Where do I contact if I have insurance and need to use it?

If you've taken out insurance for your journey and have any questions or need to contact Europe Assistance (the company you take out insurance with through Vueling), you can call them on 902 110 495 if you're in Spain, or on +34 91 514 00 10 from other countries.


Can I choose a seat when I buy my ticket?

Of course! At Vueling, you can choose which seat you prefer for your flight. If you select the Basic fare, you can choose it when booking your ticket or, if you prefer, after you've bought it by visiting the section "Choose your seat". You can also reserve your seat through Customer Services or when checking in at the airport.

And if you choose the Optima or Excellence Fares, a seat is included in the fare:

  • The Optima Fare allows you to choose a seat in the front or back rows of the plane at no extra charge. You can also choose a priority seat or XL seat at an additional charge.
  • With the Excellence Fare, you will have a seat in row 1 of plane with no one sitting next to you, free of charge.

With the British Airways Economy fare you can choose a seat completely free of charge during the check-in process (24 hours before scheduled departure).


What are the different types of Vueling seats?

Our fleet of A320 and A319 aircraft have the following seat arrangement:


  • Row 1: Excellence seats
  • Rows 2 to 4: Priority seats
  • Rows 5 to 10: forward seats
  • Rows 12 and 28: XL seats
  • Rows 15 to 27 / 29 to 40: rear seats


  • Row 1: Excellence seats
  • Rows 2 to 4: Priority seats
  • Rows 5 to 11: forward seats
  • Rows 12 and 14: XL seats
  • Rows 15 to 31: rear seats


  • Row 1: Excellence seats
  • Rows 2 to 4: Priority seats
  • Rows 5 to 9: forward seats
  • Row 10: XL seats
  • Rows 11 to 25: rear seats


How can I select an Excellence seat?

The Excellence Seat is exclusively for people who fly with the Excellence Fare and is located in row 1 of the plane, with extra room and with no one sitting next to you. As it is associated with the Excellence Fare, it cannot be booked with other fares.


Are some seats more spacious than others?

Yes, the XL seat. This seat is wider and provides more room for your legs, to work on your laptop or to read the paper in comfort.

You can book it as long as you’re flying with the Basic or Optimum Fare at an additional charge. Just select your seat during the purchase process or in the section “Choose your seat”, after completing your booking. The sooner you choose, the better, that way you're seat is assured!

This seat has more room as it's located by the emergency exits. So for security reasons, in order occupy an XL seat you must fulfil certain requirements as regards health and age:

      • Be over 15 years of age.
      • Not be pregnant.
      • Have full sight and hearing and be able to understand all instructions from the cabin crew.
      • Be in good health and have full mental and physical capacities.
      • Not have difficulty making quick movements due to age, weight or body-size.
      • Not have a need for a seatbelt extension.
      • Not be in custody or in the process of being deported.
See all the information on this seat in the section “Choose your seat”.


What advantages does the Priority seat have?

With the Priority seat, you'll enjoy lots of advantages:

  • Priority boarding so you can board the plane when you like.
  • Your seat will be in the front rows of the plane, between rows 2 and 4, so you'll also be among the first to exit.
  • What's more, you can print out your boarding pass as soon as you book and up to 4 hours before departure of your flight.

Don't forget to book a specific seat during the purchase process.


Can I hire a car?

Yes. With Vueling you can book a hire car at any time:

  • When purchasing your flights on our website, you can make a hire car booking request. Once you have booked the flight, you'll receive an email through which you can pay for the car hire.
  • Via the link in your flight confirmation email.
  • Or by going to the "Cars" section in "Vueling Services" at

Hire cars are booked in conjunction with our partner, CarTrawler.


Can I book a hotel?

Through our website, you can book a hotel wherever you like (service provided by It's very simple:

  • Click on the link in your flight confirmation email.
  • Or go to the "Hotel" section in "Vueling Services" at

Plus, if you're flying to Barcelona, don't forget that by booking a room at Hotel Vueling by HC, you can enjoy these and lots more advantages:

  • x5 points from the Punto programme
  • Welcome drink and bottle of mineral water
  • Best price online, guaranteed


Can I book an extra seat?

Yes, you can book an extra seat during the flight booking process. Just state how many passengers in the booking need an extra seat in the flight search at the start of the purchase.

These seats are available in either the front or back rows, providing there are seats available on the flight.

If you need more extra seats, you must book through our Customer Services Centre.

Bear in mind that administration fees will be added to the price of the extra seat.


How do you buy a ticket through the website?

Buying a ticket with Vueling is very safe and easy. Just follow these 5 steps:

  • Select origin, destination, flight dates and number of passengers in the search feature.
  • Choose the flight and fare that best suits your itinerary and budget.
  • Remember, flights marked with the "Exclusive Price" symbol have the lowest fares on the market and you'll only find them at that price on our website or mobile app.
  • Enter the passenger details for the booking. If you do not have them, you can use the Pending Passenger service and fill out the details after making the booking.
  • Decide whether you wish to select any additional services for your flight: seat, insurance, special luggage, etc.
  • Accept the travel conditions and make the payment for the flight (by card, through PayPal, UATP, iDeal, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT, or using points from the Punto programme).

And that's it! You'll see the confirmation screen for your purchase and you'll receive an email containing the itinerary for your flights.


Is it advisable to take out insurance?

Of course it is! Insurance always gives greater peace of mind, as it covers any unforeseen events that may arise on your journey: illness, loss of or damage to luggage, cancellations, etc.

What's more, there are specific insurance options according to your travel needs. You can find detailed information on each insurance option for your journey in the section “Choose your insurance”.


Do I get a discount if I come from a large family?

Yes, if you belong to a large family, you can benefit from a fare reduction on all domestic flights. The discount is 5% for general large families and 10% for special large families.

In order to apply this discount, simply tick the box that appears just below the Flight search feature and then select your particular case in the drop-down menu.

On the day of your flight, you must show the documents confirming you're a member of a large family at the check-in desk, or at the boarding gate if you checked in online.

Remember that the large-family discount is never applicable to flights already completed.


Do I get a discount if I'm a resident of the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands or Ceuta?

Yes, if you reside on the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands or Ceuta, you can benefit from a discount both on your flight and on the first bag.

Simply tick the box that appears just below the Flight search feature and then select your particular case in the drop-down menu.

In order to receive the discount, each passenger must prove their resident status at the check-in desk or boarding gate by way of a valid civil registration document issued by my local town council or accreditation from the corresponding Chambers certifying constituency as an elected MP or Senator.

A travel document or passport will suffice as proof of ID, but not as proof of residency, and VUELING is entitled to make copies of the documentation provided and to refuse to allow the passenger to board if the company detects any deficiency or anomaly.

The discount is only applicable to flights between airports on the Spanish mainland and islands (except residents of Ceuta, who can benefit from discounts on flights between Seville or Malaga and other Spanish mainland destinations). And it's never applicable to flights already completed.


Can I buy a ticket if I don't have access to the Internet?

If you don't have access to the Internet, you can still buy a Vueling ticket. You have various options:

Whenever you need to, you can call our Customer Services and we'll make the purchase for you, (this service carries an additional cost).
You can also buy your ticket at our airport sales desk (this service carries an additional cost).

Lastly, you also have the option of buying your ticket through your usual travel agent.


What is check-in online?

Check-in online is the process by which you can get your boarding card (printed or on your mobile phone) via the website completely free of charge. With the Optima and Excellence fares, it’s even quicker. Once you've completed your booking and upon confirmation of your purchase, you'll receive an email containing your boarding passes. That way, you'll save time on the day of your flight because, if you don't have to check in any luggage, you can go straight to the boarding gate, thus avoiding queues at the check-in desk. And if you have to check in some luggage, at Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao you have an exclusive check-in desk for those bookings already checked in online, so you won't have to queue up!

This service is available for most Vueling airports (if it's not available at your airport, you must go to the check-in desk on the day of your flight to get your boarding card). In the case of connecting flights, you can also check in online, providing the airport of origin and stop-over allows this.


How can I get an invoice for my purchase?

If you need an invoice for the purchase of your tickets, just go to the section “Request an invoice”, view the pro forma invoice on the website to check that it's all ok, then request the official invoice.

The official invoice will be emailed to you within 48 hours from completing the final leg of your booking.


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