What is Punto?

It is the Vueling programme that gives you points for all your flights.

No cards are needed. You can manage your account with the email address and password you provided when signing up to myvueling (the private area where you can see all your Punto information).

If you haven't yet signed up to Punto, you can do it now! And start collecting points from your bookings at Vueling.


Where can I sign up to Punto?

You can sign up to Punto through myvueling. Just fill out the form, provide your email and a password and start collecting points with Vueling. It's that simple!


How does the Punto programme work?

It's very simple: With Vueling, you get 1 point for each €2 of the ticket price, with any fare: Basic, Optima or Excellence (not including any additional services you take out).

As well as getting points from each flight, there are other ways to collect points:

  • If you hire a car you get 1 point for each €15.
  • If you buy your Vueling Pass card, you get 1 point for each €2.
  • If you use your Visa Vueling card, you get 1 point for each €10.
  • If you book a hotel, you get 1 point for each €10. If you book at Hotel Vueling BCN by HC, you get 1 point for each €2.
  • Buying points.
  • Don't forget that if your flight has been cancelled and you've been refunded the price of the ticket, the points you obtained for the booking will be deducted from your points balance.


Do I get points if I check in online?

The promotion that gave you points for checking in online ended, so it is no longer possible to collect points that way.


How can I use my points?

With your points you can purchase flights with the Basic Fare. You only pay the fees, taxes and any supplementary services you take out (but you'll even get points from the fees and taxes).

For a flight, whether domestic or international, you'll need at least:

  • One way: 500 Vueling points.
  • Return: 1,000 Vueling points.

With Punto there's no restriction on dates, destinations or seats when cashing in your points.

With your points you'll also be able to book at the Hotel Vueling BCN by HC from 1,100 points.


Can I purchase or give Vueling points as a gift?

With Punto you can buy the points you need in order to fly, and they'll automatically be loaded to your account.

You can also give points as a gift to whoever you want. If you know the beneficiary's Punto email address, we will load the points directly to their account. If you don't know their Punto email address, we'll send the person an email to the address you provide, with a code to exchange for points in the "Collect your points" section of their Punto account. They will have up to 6 months from the date of purchase to exchange the code for points.

Remember that to buy points, you need to have earned points for flights in the past. And in a calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December of the year underway) you will be allowed to buy, give or receive as a gift up to 10,000 points.

If you want to purchase or give points as a gift, go to your Punto account.


I'm a Punto customer, can I also be a Premium customer?

Of course you can!

Passengers who have flown at least 40 times in the last 12 months, and identified themselves as Punto passengers when they booked, will reach the Premium level and will enjoy all these advantages:

  • Priority boarding
  • Free access to the fast lane at the security check at Barcelona Airport (until the end of 2014.
    At more airports soon.
  • Double points on all your flight bookings.
  • Special service channel.
  • Exclusive check-in desks.
  • Promotions in advance.
  • Guaranteed seat if the flight you need is full.
  • One Punto flight for a companion, once a year, without having to use points for yourself.
  • Twice the amount of time (6 years) before the points earned as a Premium customer for bookings expire.


Can I buy a connecting flight or flights to multiple destinations with my Vueling points?

Yes, you can now book connecting and multiple-destination flights with Punto. If you don't have enough points, we give you the option to buy the ones you need to complete your booking.


Can I change a flight that I've purchased with points?

Yes, you can make changes to flights bought with points in the “Change your flight” section of our website.


Can I buy a ticket for someone else with my points?

Yes, providing you book the flight for that person yourself.


If I buy a ticket for someone else, do I get the points for that booking?

The points always go to the account of the person who's flying, so in this case you would not be able to collect points.

If you know the Punto email of the person you are purchasing the flight for, they will be able to get the points for that booking.


Do Vueling points expire?

Yes, your points may expire for two reasons:

  • Because they've been in your account for over 3 years and you haven't cashed them in (6 years for Premium customers).
  • Your account has been inactive for 18 months. In other words, if you neither collect nor cash in points during that time.


If I forget to collect Punto points during the booking process, can I reclaim them at a later date?

Yes, with Punto you can reclaim the points from your bookings providing no more than 90 days have gone by since the date of the booking.

In your myvueling account you can also retrieve the bookings that you have made in the last 12 months to check them and make them count towards reaching the Premium level.

To retrieve the points or bookings, just access the "Retrieve points and bookings" section inside myvueling.

Remember that the name and surname on the booking must be the same as the name and surname on your myvueling profile.


Do children get points with their bookings?

Yes. If the child is a member of the Punto programme, you can add this to the passenger details when making the booking. To collect Avios from Iberia Plus, the booking must be made under the Optima or Excellence fares.

In the case of unaccompanied minors, you can collect points providing it is the legal guardian who provides the minor's loyalty programme details.


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