Can I be the account holder for Punto and Iberia Plus?

Yes, you can be the account holder for both programmes: Punto and Iberia Plus. And you decide which of them you wish to collect points or Avios for when you fly.


Can I collect points for Punto or Avios with Iberia Plus?

Whenever you fly with the Optimum or Excellence Fare, you can collect points for either the Punto or Avios with Iberia Plus programmes. During the purchase process, you just have to tell us which of the two loyalty programmes you wish to collect points or Avios for each time you make a booking. You can't collect points and Avios for both programmes at once.

If you are flying with the Basic Fare, you'll only be able to collect your points for Vueling's Punto programme. Just tell us your email for Punto during the booking process or recover the points at a later stage by accessing your personal myvueling space.

Remember that with the Punto programme, as well as collecting points with your flights, you can also get points when you book hotels, hire a car, use your Visa Vueling card, and buy your Vueling Pass card.


Can I transfer points or Avios from Punto to Iberia Plus and viceversa?

It's not possible to transfer points to Avios and viceversa between programmes. So we recommend that, before making a booking, you decide which programme you prefer to collect points for.


Where can I sign up to Punto?

You can sign up to Punto through myvueling. Just fill out the form, provide your email and a password and start collecting points with Vueling. It's that simple!

If you haven't done so yet, you can sign up here.


What do I have to do to get Avios points from my Vueling bookings?

With Vueling you can collect Vueling points or Avios (Iberia Plus) points, providing you fly with the Optima or Excellence Fares. To collect Avios points, you must be the programme account holder and tell us your Iberia Plus number when making your booking with Vueling.

See the Avios collection table.


If I forget to collect Iberia Plus Avios during the booking process, can I reclaim them at a later date?

No, Avios points cannot be reclaimed after the booking has been made. If you want to collect Iberia Plus Avios, you must enter your card number when making the booking.

You can only recover points for the Punto programme by visiting Collect your points in your private area.


Can I get Elite points by flying with Vueling?

Yes, by flying with Vueling you also get Elite points which give you access to higher levels of Iberia Plus cards.


Can I cash in my Avios points on the Vueling website?

No, Avios points can only be cashed in on the Iberia Plus website or at any Iberia office.


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