Which airports does Vueling fly to?

Vueling always flies to major airports. That way, you'll always be safe in the knowledge of having the best services and communications, at both your airport of origin and at your destination.

You can find all the latest information on the airports we fly to in the section “Airports”.


Which cities can I fly to with Vueling?

Vueling just doesn't stop growing! Currently, we fly to over 100 destinations. As well as direct flights, we also offer connecting flights to Barcelona airport. In the section “Where we fly” you can find a map and list of all our destinations. Which will you choose?

If you have any suggestions for new destinations, please send us your ideas through the “Contact Us” section of our website.


What are the differences between the 3 Vueling fares?

The Basic Fare is the most economical. You fly to the Vueling destination of your choice and you can collect points for the Punto programme with your flights, it's that easy. And if you wish to fly in the seat of your choice, check in your luggage or include any other Vueling service, just add the option during the purchase process, or afterwards in “Manage your Booking”.

The Optima Fare offers more advantages. For instance, this fare allows you to check in one bag of up to 23 kg per passenger, choose a seat, and even bring your flight forward at the airport by swapping it for one that departs the same day, providing there are seats available. What’s more, it includes Click&Fly. In other words, once you have completed the booking, you’ll receive an email containing your booking confirmation as well as the boarding passes for your flight.

The Excellence Fare includes extra services and advantages to make your flights more comfortable. It is especially suited to those who fly on business or would like greater comfort and extra services on their flight. This fare includes:

  • One item of checked-in luggage of up to 23 kg per passenger.
  • Excellence seat in row 1 of the plane, with no one sitting next to you.
  • Flexibility as regards Changes and a Cancelation option.
  • Access to exclusive check-in desks at Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona.
  • Room reserved on the plane for hand luggage.
  • Click&Fly.
  • Snack and drink on board.
  • It also includes the Bring your Flight Forward service.
  • VIP lounges in selected airports
  • Fast-track through security control in Barcelona, Berlin-Tegel, Frankfurt, Rome, Hamburg, Munich, Turin, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Plus, you can now travel at an exclusive price only if you book through our website or mobile app. Look for flights marked with the "Exclusive Price" symbol and get your flight at a price no-one else can match!


Why can't I sometimes find flights more than 6 months ahead?

Airlines update flight availability twice a year, once we've received confirmation that permission has been granted regarding the timetables for flying to our destinations. That's why it's possible that a flight you're searching for hasn't yet been put on sale.

Typically, flights operating from late October onwards, or “winter flights”, become available to book in May, and flights operating from March onwards, or “summer flights”, become available to book in September.


How can I contact Vueling?

Whenever you want, you can contact Vueling by writing to us through the “Contact” section of our website. There, you can make suggestions, claims or comments that help us to improve. If you prefer, you can also contact us by calling Customer Services.

And for general questions, you'll also find us on social networks! Visit us on Facebook: Vueling People (if you speak Spanish, Catalan, Galician or Basque) and Vueling Europe (for all other languages). We're also on Twitter.


What does the price of the ticket depend on?

It mainly depends on three things: the fare you choose, how far in advance you buy it and how full the plane is. Basically, this means you can choose the type of ticket, the earlier you buy, the cheaper it will be, and the price of the ticket rises as the plane gets filled.

Also, you can take advantage of offers and promotions from Vueling to buy at the best price. If you want to keep informed, just sign up to our newsletter, Vuela! and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


What are Connecting Flights and what benefits do they offer?

Connecting flights allow Vueling destinations that do not yet have direct flights to be connected via Barcelona and Rome airports.

You can travel with the peace of mind of knowing you won't have to collect your luggage at the stop-over airport, as you check it in at your airport of origin and only pick it up again at your final destination. And the same goes for your boarding pass! At your airport of origin, we also give you the boarding card for your second flight.

The length of the stop-over will depend on the flights you choose when you book.


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