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Vueling points

For each €2 you spend on flights, you'll get 1 point added to your account.


Avios for Iberia Plus

Collect both Avios and Elite points with your bookings.



Receive your boarding pass to print out along with your flight confirmation.


Bring your flight forward

You can swap your flight for an earlier one that departs the same day completely free of charge, on your mobile or at the airport.


One checked bag (23kg)

One item of checked-in luggage of up to 23 kg per passenger.

from €12

Back row seats

Seat between rows 15 and 31, so you can sit next to whoever you want, or choose window or aisle.

from €4
1st row
Excellence Seat

Front row seats

Seat between rows 3 and 11, so you can be one of the first passengers to leave the plane.

from €6
1st row
Excellence Seat

XL seat

Seat next to the emergency exit, with more room so you can stretch your legs to travel in greater comfort, plus priority boarding.

from €12
from €12
1st row
Excellence Seat

Excellence seat

The most exclusive seat on the plane, in row 1, with more room and with no one sitting next to you.


Reserved room for your hand luggage

Room reserved on the plane for your hand luggage.


Preferential boarding

As soon as the plane doors open, you can be among the first on the plane or board whenever you like.

from €12,99
from €12,99

Flexible on changes

You can change date, time or ticket holder's name and with no change fee.


Refunds allowed

If you have to cancel your booking, we'll refund the cost of your fare (additional services and charges are not included in the refund).


Exclusive check-in desk

Exclusive check-in desk at Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.


Catering of your choice on board

Drink and snack, sandwich or hot dish of your choice.


Fast-track through security control

You can avoid queuing at security control at Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin-Tegel, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki*, London-Gatwick*, Munich, Rome, Stuttgart and Zurich* airports by presenting your boarding pass in the “Fast Track” area.


Bring your flight forward by Internet or mobile

Swap your flight for an earlier one that departs the same day absolutely free through our website or your mobile.


VIP lounges at the airport

Present your boarding pass at Barcelona Airport and selected airports and you'll get access to VIP lounges.


*At the indicated airports you can only access the Fast Track with a mobile boarding pass or the one attached to the email we send you. You cannot access the Fast Track with the physical pass issued at the check-in desk.

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