Choose your seat

At Vueling, you choose where and with whom you wish to sit, of course!

There is a seat for every journey and every occasion. You can choose the Optima and Excellence fares which already include a seat or choose the seat that best suits your needs. Plus, you can book an extra seat to travel in greater comfort.

Priority seat

Seating in rows 2, 3 and 4. Travel in the front rows of the plane to be among the first to exit and enjoy priority boarding.

Excellence seat

On row 1 of the plane, with more room and with no one sitting next to you.

XL seat

Travel more comfortably with more room to stretch your legs and enjoy priority boarding.

Seat in the front rows

You'll be sitting between rows 5 and 11, so you can be one of the first passengers to leave the plane.

Seat in the back rows

Between rows 15 and 31, so you can sit next to whoever you want, or choose window or aisle.

Extra Seat

If you wish to enjoy more space and privacy, or if you're flying with a musical instrument, you can book the Extra Seat service.

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