On-board shop

On board our planes, at 30,000 feet, we have a selection of the best menus so that you can enjoy the Vueling experience on your flights.

Fancy a drink on board?

At Vueling, we take care of you, that's why we're offering a selection of food especially chosen for you*.

So that you enjoy your flight even more, we've prepared a brand new original catering selection.


In-flight set menu included with the Excellence Fare  

This fare includes drink and snack, sandwich or hot dish of your choice to enjoy during the flight.

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*Vueling does not guarantee an allergen-free environment on the plane. Our in-flight menu offers food that contains nuts and peanuts, and we are not able to control whether food carried on board by other passengers may cause allergic reactions or not. It is essential for all passengers with allergies to carry an epinephrine injection in case of an attack, together with a medical note certifying the need to carry it. Passengers must tell the cabin crew about their allergy as soon as they board the plane. Vueling cannot accept liability if a passenger does not carry an epinephrine injection.

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