Use of electronic devices policy

          • Mobile phones / smartphones
          • Electronic tablets
          • Electronic and personal noise cancel headphones
          • MP3, MP4… and music digital players
          • Handheld portable electronic games
          • Laptops and notebooks
          • E-readers
          • Bluetooth devices
          • Personal photo and video cameras (not professional)
          • Handheld DVD/CD players

Transport of medical electronic devices needed to maintain physiological functions of passengers, is allowed only if those devices do not transmit or have a transmitter mode.

    • 2.
      It is forbidden in any aircraft of Vueling to use any type of electronic cigarette.

    • 3.
      Any type of PED (including any electronic cigarette) may not be used during refueling or defueling. They must also be turned off, even if they have "airplane / flight mode".

    • 4.
      Mobile phones and other PED with antenna or otherwise emit electromagnetic waves may be used aboard any aircraft of Vueling whenever the doors are open. Within the above devices, are included all devices that can send or receive calls, text messages, photos or any type network messaging services.

  • 5.
    During any phase of the flight, the commander may order to stow and to switch off any PED on-board in the case of suspected interference or anomalies detected in the aircraft systems operation (even when if PEDs have any “airplane / flight mode” option).

Also IS not allowed to use any kind of personal headphones on the seats placed in the rows located in the emergency exits during critical phases of flight (taxiing, take-off and landing).

Electronic devices that are checked in with your luggage shall be switched off at all time.



Handheld PEDs

Larger PEDs

Personal headphones

WIFI, text and phone call functions

Extended departure ground delay (1)
Taxi-out (2)
Take-off (2)
Cruise (2)
From 10 minutes to landing PA (2)
Landing (2)
Taxi-in (2)



    • (1): prior the commander approval

  • (2): with “flight/aircraft mode” enabled.

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